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Thread: Pro Dash Logging Issue

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    UPDATE: Gave the tech service line a few days to help resolve the issue, but of course that led to several hours on hold, and not hearing back through email or call as promised. Fortunately, I dug around on the internet and found an older Holley article with a link to the previous "build 49" .bin firmware. Ran the update with the older build then made a datalog, and SUCCESS all my data points are there, no crazy linear sloped data or maxed out negative start times. Fairly frustrated with Holley as I asked for the older firmware to revert back to days ago, and was told no. To confirm that build 82 was indeed the issue, I updated the dash once more to build 82, again same problems came back. Switched back to build 49 seamless functioning datalogs recorded from Dash. Looking forward to future updates when they become available so I can datalog the GPS speed data. Absolutely love this Pro Dash, worth the hassle.

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    You should have asked 😯. I keep copies of all my old firmware just in case.

    Are you running 2.0 on desktop and latest ECU firmware? Didn't realize they were compatible. My fuel gauge was messed up when I downgraded back to .49. Only reason I upgraded was to be able to use the dash inputs via Terminator; the accelerometer and soon a driveshaft speed sensor.

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    You have them!? If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to get the previous "5.0.81".

    Yes, running the V2.0.50 EFI software on the desktop. I'd love to be able to use those functions as well, if .81 solves my issue.
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    Well tried a little longer datalog for a drive today. Datalog shows negative times and invalid data. Works without issue on laptop and worked without issue on .49 firmware with V1.0 EFI software. I synced clocks on ECU & Pro Dash to be sure that was not an issue. Looks like we're both in the same boat trying to stay on the cutting edge of Holley's EFI software.

    I suspect everyone from Holley runs Dominator given the hefty employee discount. If someone from that group checks these forums, I'm happy to be a guinea pig for the Terminator X testing if the in-house victims are not enough!

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