I watch the the fuel pressure and as soon as the Dominator syncs while it's cranking, the fuel pressure drops from 43 psi to 18-20 psi and will not fire. I have a return system with a Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator and a Pro Series 11102 fuel pump setup for E85 and I have a pump controller. I also have FIC 1700 multi-fuel injectors. The car normally fires right up after my Dominator syncs. I've never watched the fuel pressure closely during startup, but I assume this is not normal. I was just sitting in line ready to make the first pass this year and the car died while idling. It never does that. Have drove maybe 50 miles on the street this year with no problems. I've got it to fire once or twice sense and it dies immediately. Would a bad injector do this? I haven't taken the car off the trailer to troubleshoot yet.