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Thread: Very bizzarre issue: MSD timing retarding 20°.

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    In my opinion, we've heard enough about it, in two separate & lengthy forum threads (3 or 4 including other forums).

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    How else would I have troubleshot the issue? Isn't the point of posting long informative threads to diagnose, learn, and get results which solve the problem?

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    Interesting they "fixed some wiring on the CDI box", but they can't tell you what was wrong with it. Are you willing try it again now, before you sell it on? Might have just been a one-off type fault, does happen.
    I have many one-off faults in my time. Gary

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    I asked Mark at MSD and his boss Ray many times exactly what was wrong with it and the response I got was that they re-did the wiring. I included a hand-written note directly attached to the MSD box asking them to diagnose the issue and begging them to please let me know the scientific details about what they found. I asked for a phone call from the tech and for any type of writeup/report to be in the return package, yet none of that happened. I had to call several times per week, and once they told me it shipped on a Monday, yet had no tracking number. By Friday I got annoyed and called again and they realized it has not shipped and corrected their error and overnight shipped it to me. It took another few days for them to email me the attached paperwork, ad by that time it was almost two weeks after they tested the box, so any scientific diagnosis was long gone. I was pretty bummed out.

    The box does indeed have all brand new wiring attached to it, I can see it plain as day, but I was really looking for a scientific explanation as to what they found, in hopes that I could verify it was actually the cause of my issue! I like to see things through and a detailed explanation would have been sufficient instead of just "replaced all wires". It sure could have been a one-off type fault, yet there's no way for me to scientifically tell. Hence, why I had crammed as much info and details into my posts here, so that anyone with input could help me OR people in the future could read it and diagnose their situation if needed.

    I don't plan on trying to install the box in the car. I now have my Holley HyperSpark setup installed, and working perfectly, so the last thing I want to do is completely disconnect that and test the MSD box. I was assured that MSD tested the box for an eight hour burn-in session, so if they say it is good, I'm good with that. I have all the MSD components up for sale on local classifieds, ebay, and some car forums I'm on. My ebay name is the same as my username here.

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