OK, so I know that this product is no longer supported, but I have a car in the shop with one that has issues, so I figured I would reach out here before telling the owner that he needs to buy a new dash.

The 5.7" TSLCD is wired into an HP EFI system in a Nissan 350Z with an LS3 swap. ECU works great running V4 110. The TSLCD however, never gets past the Holley splash screen on startup. Because of this, I can't load in the new files to have it work with V4.

I dug into the wiring, which was done at another shop, and found that the switched power and the constant power wires were both connected to the same switched voltage source. I rewired the TSLCD, but now with the white wire on a switched voltage source, and the red wire on the battery positive terminal, it powered up all the time. If I switch the white & red wires, it turns on with the ignition, but still has the same issue.

I'm guessing that having both wires hooked up to the same switched source killed something inside the TSLCD. I didn't have a chance to call Holley before they closed today, so I'll try them in the morning. I'm guessing since the TSLCD is not longer supported they won't be able to help much.