New member here with a weird carb issue. Bought a pair of the Slayer tunnel ram carbs in 450 cfm. Carbs are pretty much identical except the rear carb has a electric choke. Installed them on my tunnel ram, turned on electric fuel pump and adjusted the floats to 1/4 way up sight glass. Did not start vehicle. Everything looked good at first. Next day I notice fuel leaking from rear carb at the secondary throttle shaft on the right side. Nothing leaking on front carb. Lower the float level some, still leaking. Return carb and get another. Same problem, adjusted float level to below sight glass to begin with. Ran the vehicle while I adjusted the valves. All seemed good, checked later in day and that night, no leaking. Next morning, it's leaking. Lowered float level even more, watched for dripping inside, but after sitting, there's fuel leaking out the right side secondary shaft, left side is fine. Return that carb, buy another from a different place. And it does the same thing. So three carbs all doing the same. The last one took almost two days before leaking, but it did. I can run vehicle and it runs great. Shut it off and watch into the secondary venturi and nothing seems to be dripping. Also the last one I installed, I just sat it on the suds, did not even put nuts on it just to make sure I was not over tightening. What's going on here? Don't know where to turn next.

Forgot to mention, front carb has never leaked, only the one with the choke. Also, fuel pump pressure is right at 5 psi now, but has been tried down to three with same issue.