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    Hooked up IQ3 Street Dash using 280-CA-EFIHOL through J1 on the Dominator. The dash seemed to interface with the ECU. Sync them per instructions and now all ECU channels available. Setup my dash info and and selected my ECU channels and pressed send. Everything seemed to sync alright. Went into ECU and changed CAN Bus 1 to Racepak. Started car, dash not reading ECU. Do not have terminal resistors on. Do I need them with this cable, I know it says I do. If so, where can they be purchased to work with this setup? Also, since I changed the ECU to Racepak after I synced the first time, do I need to go back to dash and resend from dash to ECU?

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    OK, now more confused.
    1. Street Dash shows pins 17 & 25 as CAN High & Low. Page 33 of the IQ3 says pin 26 is the CAN Low. Pin list says 26 is ground, which I’m sure it's as I got fuel sending unit to work.
    2. I read that the ECU can outputs should only be switched to Racepak if going through a V-net module. Should stay in Holley if using a Holley compatible device. Is the IQ3 Street Dash a compatible device?

    Do I need this for the interface Racepak Data Logging Unit Module 230-VM-EFIUCAN. I wouldn’t think so. I'd think that the direct CAN to CAN cable connection is all I need. If not, why have a CAN output cable if you got to go through a module. Someone surly has a IQ3 reading ECU channels on their dash. Really need to get this figured out.

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    Wow, you'd expect that if you spend around $3000 with a company, you'd get an answer. Two emails to customer service, two phone calls, and on hold till I grew gray hair and nary a peep from anyone. Frustrating.

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    I have one customer that has the Racepak and a Dominator ECU. Let me see if he can answer this for you. You have a lot of questions. Ask them again in order of priority. Andrew
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    1. Is CAN Bus cable 280-CA-EFIHOL the only hardware needed for the interface between the 2 units? If so, then I know I need to be working in the EFI software.
    2. If above is correct, since I’m not interfacing through a V-net module, is the CAN Bus I/O of the ECU set at Holley instead of Racepak. I read this when seeing how other ECUs interface with the IQ3 dash.

    Let your customer know that when I did my car configuration, the EFI channels did showup in the Datalink software. Was able to configure them onto the display, but no data received when car is running. Thank you

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    After doing more research, it appears that I need this UNIVERSAL EFI INTERFACE MODULE to make it work. So got one on order. I'll update when I work through it. Thanks to Andrew for helping out.

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    Sorry I wasn't more helpful, but I can tell you that once you have all the parts, it will work very well. Andrew

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