I had the car packed with all my gear and tools and was one hour away from driving over, but then a buddy of mine sent me a text saying the track was going to stay closed for the TnT because of expected foggy weather. Total bummer! I guess I'll be going to the TnT on Sunday daytime instead.

I did a little bit of street driving today and tested the 2-Step at 2,000 while in gear. It began to creep/push just a little bit. So when I go on Sunday, I'll lower the 2-Step to about 1800 and try that. I'd love to not have to launch the car off of idle, so this may be a big help. I do agree that pre-loading the drivetrain would result in a better launch, however, I've tried this many times during this year and my results were slightly slower 60-foots than launching off an idle. I'll try it Sunday though.