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Thread: SBF HyperSpark Wire Routing Purple/Green

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    Default SBF HyperSpark Wire Routing Purple/Green

    SBF HyperSpark wire routing. Currently running a 6AL and Duraspark distributor. I got my HyperSpark in yesterday, and I'm reviewing what I need to do.

    I have my 7-pin & 10-pin harness wires feeding off the firewall on the passenger side. The tach output wire from the 6AL ties into the purple wire on the passenger firewall. My 6AL is mounted drivers side radiator support. My wires route through the radiator core support and alongside the passenger side fender to the rear passenger firewall.

    The HyperSpark wires are pretty short. So I have two ways of wiring this and was concerned about one aspect of each routing.

    #1- Extending the purple and green wires from HyperSpark to a length of approximately 6' and routing along the way I route now. (This is a significant increase in length from the preterminated wires.)

    #2- Pulling the purple and green wires from 7-pin harness and running them alongside the head on top of the intake manifold. (This would route the purple & green wires under the spark plug wires.) Thoughts? I'll post pictures here shortly if I can figure it out.

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    I don't see a HyperSpark in your pictures. Are you talking about the Sniper wires?

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    HyperSpark is on the bench not installed yet. My question is the purple & green wires that connect to the HyperSpark.

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    I'd just extend them with the same wire using solder & adhesive heat shrink for the connection.

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    That's what I'm thinking. Run a longer twisted pair and route them away from all spark plug wires. Seems like a better idea than running the pair under any spark plug wires.

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    Connect to the HyperSpark distributor? Those wires will be short. The white wire will connect to the HyperSpark ignition box.

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    Can you use an MSD extension harness? I haven't looked at mine in a while, I'm not sure if I'll work on both sides.

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    Actually. I was just looking through all my stuff and the MSD harness is like 4 or 5 foot and looks like it'll work. I think I have to swap the wires as the purple aligns with green and green aligns with purple. Glad I saved that box.

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    I think the MSD harness is too short still. Might try routing this over the intake. I'm just worried it's going to cause issues.

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