Hi. I'm still happy with what I chose to buy. Assuming you saw my other thread for this app. I decided to do the injector plate with the dry throttle bodies? Hopefully be to dyno soon, maybe I'm being a little too optimistic on horsepower, but I really liked how many more injector options you have with the plate vs the Stealth or 4 BBL wet bodies. I went with 120 lb/hr injectors so that should be plenty of fuel, but not oversized for pump gas 1000 horsepower like I think the 200+ ones would have been. ONLY complaint, not to complain about Holley products on a Holley webpage, but the 1000 cfm billet TBs at 650 bucks a piece, aren't all that nice. Ha ha, I mean they will work, but they just feel like a cheaper unit. This bothers me because I have easily bought the 400 dollar bodies, but bought these billet ones thinking they would be nicer. I think if I did it again I would go with Accufab bodies. I also had to hack up the linkages right out of the box, because the way that injector plate tips the injectors up to spray down into the blower, there's interference with the lower part of the linkage. So I’ve also had trouble finding an applicable tie bar for this situation, because I only have one hole in each body now and need to tie together and pull from the same place. Not a huge deal, I think I'm just going to make my own link bar. Good vibrations has a tie bar that looks like it would work, but it’s a 10-32 through bolt, but the hole in the TB is 1/4, so then you’d have to use some tiny bushing there. I don't know just seemed like it would be awkward. I just didn’t like having to take the zip wheel to bran new TBs right out of the box, given that these are one of the suggested bodies to work with their injector plate it should work without having to cut stuff off. Anyways, that’s all fit and finish stuff, the true test will be how they run dyno that will be coming in a few weeks hopefully!