Hi all. Figure I better get registered for this forum. I'm doing fresh power in my 37 Outerlimits offshore boat, and I already have questions, LOL.

Plan currently is to do HP ECU, dual quad Terminator throttle bodies. I get it for classic cars trying to keep the carburetor look, but I don't really have the need to do that, I like the look of just 4 barrel dual quad throttle bodies, but it seems using the Terminator throttle bodies in dual quad is going to be what makes most sense. Anyone on here running a similar dual quad setup have any suggestions before I go forward? I know the Sniper kit will probably come up, and that the HP has quite a few options that I won't need running in a boat, but still I do appreciate having the capabilities of advanced tuning, even if I never touch it. Also, although I know it's fully potted I like the idea of rubber mounting the ECU rather than be subject to all engine vibration.

Another question why does the HP only use the LSU4.2 WBO2? Is that correct? Saw that in a chart I found somewhere on here or EFI System Pro. Is the LSU4.9 WBO2 better? I have dry exhaust, but sometimes slight reversion still can happen from the tip, I know all WBO2 sensors are super sensitive to moisture, but would the LSU4.9 WBO2 more tolerant? Thanks!, Joe