Hello All. As many of you my past experiences are “Old “School”. My first experience with the new options was 13-years ago when adding a 200R4 in our '65 GTO, can you say Day and Night!

Fast forward 6-years and paid a shop to install the drivetrain from a 2006 GTO into our '73 Camaro. Didn’t get much time to enjoy the car, when pulling up the Hush Mat in preparation to have a 4-link installed 4-years ago part of the floor came up with it. I’m sure many of you have horror stories about body shops becoming jails, take the car apart Immediately and it sits. 3-years in jail.

Well after getting fleeced regularly due to the install shops less then stellar workmanship last fall I made up my mind that I need to grab the Bull by the Horns.

Being of an older generation the electronics in the new cars was an absolute mystery and sacred the hell out of me. At the end of this past January I retired and immediately began pulling ALL of the wiring and electronics out of the car. It has been one Hell OF A Learning Curve installing the Terminator X Max along with rewiring the entire car, car driven today! YEAH!!!

Today I also signed up to the Forum to receive “Continuing Education”. Looking forward to the coming days, weeks, months.