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    I bought a 1979 F250 with a 460 & C6. The previous owner didn’t seem to know much about it, but it does have Atomic EFI with no timing control. It was running rough (a stumble off idle and inconsistent idle), so I’m starting from scratch. My big question is about the cam. I have no idea what’s in the truck, but other things have been upgraded and I’m guessing the cam has too. It has shorty headers and idle sounds like a bigger cam but I’m not sure. I followed the firmware update process and reset defaults in the Atomic controller. I did the throttle blade adjustment assuming a “mild” cam and that’s also what I selected in the setup menu. Initial timing is pretty high at like 18° (assuming pointer is actually at zero) with a 24° advance PerTronix distributor with no vacuum advance. According to the literature timing maxes out at 3000-3500 RPM with the silver springs. I did a few hard pulls and there’s no pinging so timing doesn’t feel too aggressive. I’m at 4,000 feet elevation and I have about 12” of vacuum at hot idle at 850 RPM. Full tank of regular pump gas. I'll follow the learning and tuning process, but I'm curious about any suggestions. I left Pump Squirt at 25% and PVE at 19% which is where it was set after restoring defaults. AFRs were all left at default. PWM fuel pump with no return or regulator. The big unknown is the cam at this point. Figured maybe best to start with mild and then go up or down from there.
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    Here’s where I’m at. Drove 50 miles at 60-70 MPH. Runs real smooth from idle to 4,000 RPM. No more stutter off idle. Idle is better than before, but I haven’t set IAC yet, just one turn on screws. If it’s good, should I change anything? I don’t want to mess up a good thing since it’s way better than before I reset everything.

    Displacement: 460
    Cylinders: 8
    Cam: Mild
    Timing Control: Disabled
    MAP: 24.4” Engine off (4K ft Elevation)
    MAP: 12-13” Hot Idle 800 RPM
    Idle Target: 800 in Drive (Idles 1,000 in P)
    PVE: 19%
    PS: 25%
    Initial Timing: 18°
    Total Timing: 18+24=42 at 3500 RPM
    Running 87 Octane
    1979 F-250, 4WD, 35” Tires, 4.30 Gears, C6 Auto

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