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Also, how often should I be Transfer Learning To Base? Should this be done after every session? Thank you.
It's a personal preference. You never have to Transfer Learning To Base if you don't want to and/or don't pay any attention to the tune. On the other hand, if you're using the Learn Table as a reference point, then Transfer Learning To Base (or clear it) for each test. I'll Transfer Learning To Base (or clear the Learn Table) before each dyno session or each race event. Clearing the Learn Table is a good idea before each race weekend if you're actively looking at the Learn Table. If you aren't paying attention to it, then no point in clearing it. I'd definitely clear the Learn Table if I was towing to a track at a different altitude or something like that. Just seems like a smart thing to do. You get your Base Fuel Table setup the way you want then clear the Learn Table and then watch what the system does as you make passes. I'm sure different tuners have different strategies for situations like that so it just depends on how organized you are and what you're paying attention to.