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Thread: Timing Control No Start

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    You're right. I seem to have found the problem, but it doesn't make sense to me. I disconnected everything on the vehicle and ran the Sniper power supply, Sniper switched ignition, distributor power supply, and ignition power straight to battery. I still had the same symptoms (RPM signal with engine off causing the ECU to think the engine is running). When I pulled the distributor cap, the ghost RPM signal stopped. The problem is definitely somewhere in the distributor. After reinstalling the cap, I no longer have the RPM signal with the engine off. Motor starts OK (although I seem to have a fuel restriction that needs to be solved). Has anyone experienced anything like that before? Could something have been shorting/grounding in the distributor?

    Also, AndyF: Please don't treat me like I'm incompetent. I'm inexperienced with this system (and EFI as a whole), but I'm perfectly capable of providing the information you need. Just TELL me what information you need. I've tried to be polite and describe my symptoms, but your posts were extremely discouraging. I diagnose mechanical systems for a living as an ME, so I can do this. I just need a little help on the details for this EFI system.
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    OK, now try to replicate the problem. My first guess is something along the lines of feedback through the coil wire or coil itself.

    When did the problem present itself after you ran the new wires? Sequence of events leading up to you noticing the problem?

    I think all the clues will be helpful, such as when the key was on and when it was off. When the engine was started and for how long. When the key was off and everything in between you noticing the problem.

    As of now I can't think of anything in the distributor that would cause the problem short of a visual inspection that leads to evidence of catastrophic failure from abuse to the body or components within. I think you have EMI traveling along the pickup wires, coil wire, plug wires, through the coil?

    Before you pulled the cap and the key was on and hand held in failure mode (showing the problem), were all the plug wires installed on the cap? If so, replicate the problem and start pulling plug wires one at a time and see if that changes it?

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    I don't believe it can be feedback from the coil wire. I did unplug it during my initial troubleshooting and the ECU still received the RPM signal.

    The problem started after the first startup with the HyperSpark distributor. I installed the new distributor, turned the key on and went through the Wizard. Cycled the key and started the engine. I only ran it for 10-20 seconds, then I shut it down. When I turned the key back on the RPM signal first presented itself.

    I can't imagine the problem arising from abuse. The distributor is brand new and dropped in without much effort. I'll conduct a more thorough inspection just to be sure.

    It didn't occur to me that EMI could be induced in the plug wires. I suppose I've always viewed them more of a source. I will try to replicate the problem and start pulling plug wires as soon as I get a chance. Thanks.

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    I've done a lot of remote tuning over the years. Problems like yours can't be solved remotely. You need someone with experience and tools to look over the install. Either that or pull it all apart and start over. You have a fundamental problem somewhere in the install.

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