I have a SBC 350 with a 6/71 blower and the 2x4 8 injector Super Sniper. The temperature on the passenger side as read from the handheld gets up to about 230°F before I get nervous and shut it down. My instrument panel temp gets to about 190°F then the thermostat opens, then drops to 177°F and hold steady. The handheld temp continues to rise. The gauge uses a separate sensor on the drivers side. The radiator is a 4-core aluminum with dual electric fans and does not get hot. The fans come on as set in the ECU. I believe the flow is proper and the pump is new. I haven’t got it out of the garage yet as it heats up rather quickly. Has anyone seen this issue? The engine has just come from the rebuilder. It has aluminum heads and a roller cam. It has not had much run time at all.