I'm having problems with two gauges on my Pro Dash. I have a pressure sensor that won't hold the calibrations. Every few times of turning the Pro Dash on, the gauge won't read the pressure unless I go back in and reset the voltage/pressure calibration and save it again. Then it works fine until power is cycled a few times.

I also have a temp sensor that won't read on the Pro Dash correctly. It varies about 20°F with just power on, engine not running. I checked the sender with an Ohm meter at the Pro Dash plug, reading only varies about .2 Ohms, which works out to about 1°.

I have tried moving each sensor to different pins and resetting the dash calibrations each time. Both gauges still will not work properly. Could this be a firmware issue? Or something beyond my means and would require the Pro Dash getting sent back to Holley to get checked out? Thanks.