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Thread: Terminator Stealth issues at WOT. Injector, Ignition, Tune?

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    Default Terminator Stealth issues at WOT. Injector, Ignition, Tune?

    SBF 365 with a Terminator Stealth. Ignition Box is a MSD 6530 6AL-2 Programmable with a Ford TFI distributor. It's wired per 199r10555 pg.15, fig.6, with exception of the ground to chassis from the negative side of coil. This car was used with a carburetor for years. I did use the MSD to control rev limit and a 2-Step during those years. I'll verify today that I disconnected those RPM control wires of the MSD, but I've went into the software and zeroed everything out, as I could not find anyway to just "turn them off". Can anyone verify that zeroing out the values in the MSD software is the proper way to deactivate RPM limiting inside the MSD software?

    So the problem that I have is at WOT the car immediately noses over and at acts as though its on a 3900-4000 rev limiter. But if I just cruise and rev through the shifts north of 4000 even 5000 without going WOT it is perfectly smooth. Datalog shows rock steady Fuel PSI but the duty cycle of injectors go to 98.6%.

    This engine was on an engine dyno and made 630 HP with this EFI system/ECU and distributor. The dyno did have a 7AL box. I took the engine, ecu and distributor and put it in the car as it came off of the dyno. Installed it like mentioned above. Car started right up and I was able to drive it around with what seemed to be zero issues. At the time I did not test WOT. I put the car away in the trailer till the weather broke. Last week I took the car in the trailer to my buddies to set the 2-Step up and do some startup and idle tuning, and for some software interactive time (I'm obviously a rookie). After sitting for a couple of months, it started right up perfectly fine. before we started tuning, since I had V5 software on my laptop we needed to do a firmware update on my ECU and handheld. (FYI: My handheld now does not have any Wizard files on it after firmware update). Again, all we did was idle and 2-Step and it was fine. put the car away and came home.

    Early last week I decided to get the car out, race season is starting soon (we hope after this COVID19 crap). This is when I found my WOT issue. The things that I've tried are as follows:

    1. 2-Step was set at 4000. I've since and it is currently maxed out on RPM on handheld to eliminate potential activation. Main rev limiter is at 8000.

    2. Verified distributor timing is reading exactly what the ECU is calling for, which is 30D. It was reading 26D when the ECU was calling for 30D. I moved the distributor to physically read 30D.

    3. Re-routed orange and black coil wire to its own routing away from any other wire.

    4. Re-routed the white timing control wire from the distributor to its own routing away from everything.

    5. Changed fuel PSI to 65 from 50 on regulator. I also changed the actual system pressure to match inside the ECU.

    6. Re-verified the MSD software setting are zeroed out.

    After each thing, I went and tested and netted the same results.

    Anyone have a similar issue? I'm hopeful that it's just some setting or switch that I hit or didn't hit.
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    Not sure exactly why this created and/or fixed the problem, but I had scaled the CTS -40°F to match a gauge in the car. Well, come to the find out the gauge is faulty. We set it back to zero and the "rev limiter" action went away.

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