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Thread: Street Demon vs Road Demon

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    Default Street Demon vs Road Demon

    I can't seem to find it online. Can someone tell me basically what the difference in Street Demon carbs and Road Demon carbs?

    My ride is a '53 Ford F-100, 460 with roller rockers and mild RV cam. I need a carb and I like the response of a borrowed Demon. But I'm confused in which one to buy.A 650 cfm is probably plenty, but look for smart suggestions. Thanks, John

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    A Road Demon follows Holley's traditional modular design, removable float bowls, etc.
    A Street Demon is a one piece main body throttle body and float bowls, etc, and removable air horn top cover.
    BUT the lid can only be removed with the carb off the car, since the screws go in from the bottom, not the top like most carbs.
    Can you post a photo of the carb you have now please? Gary
    Regards, Gary

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    Thanks for the reply Gary, it clears things up. As far as performance which in your opinion, would be best for the 460 in my situation?

    My current carb is a HR-650 Quick Fuel that's giving me fits. Lots of problems on the secondary side. I can't keep the fuel bowl level correct, floods badly on the secondary side. We put a kit in it, but something must be wrong internally, a gasket or trash or something. Either considering sending it back to Holley shop for rebuild or ponying up for a Demon. The Quick Fuel carb came from my engine builder who's an ace carb man, but the engine sat a few years before I got it installed. Sadly he's passed on now. John

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi John.
    I like many of the good features of the Street Demon, many features are from the Carter ThermoQuad, AVS & AFB.
    Although some tuning is possible on car, if any jetting change is required, the carb needs to come off, fuel drained, etc.
    I like my Edelbrock Performer on my daily, for all round performance, very easy to work on.
    I also have a custom Holley XP 850 on my other car.
    For your car, the Street Demon 625 would be a good compromise carb, and you should be happy with its performance.
    Any time the fuel line is disturbed, a piece of fuel line rubber could end up in a needle & seat, and flooding is the result.
    Regards, Gary

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