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Thread: Engine won't start with Holley Sniper.

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    Default Engine won't start with Holley Sniper.

    Howdy. I'm posting on here since I have not received a follow up tech support email in 2 weeks. I'm guessing it"s because what's going on in the world today. And as of today I have exhausted all research, reading and troubleshooting for my Holley Sniper.

    1 - This unit has been working since May of 2019 until March 10th 2020. I installed the new Holley HyperSpark ignition system on the 11th. Distributor, Coil and Ignition box. Truck fired up and ran after installation. It did cut off while running at different times which further datalog files indicated an EMI/RFI problem. Wiring was rerouted to eliminate issue.

    2 - Upon reapplying power via battery connections, the ECU fired the injectors as if a switch was turned on. But ignition switch was not on. I did not think much of it and attempted to start the truck. Truck would not start. After several calls to tech support and emails with no ticket number provided or resolution, all communication has dried up. Again, could be the current world pandemic not sure. I still have not resolved the issue of why the truck will not run while trying to start.

    3 - Tech support suggested at the beginning to upgrade to the latest version of EFI firmware. Firmware uploaded and saved into ECU. Truck still would not start upon upgrading firmware and reloading operating config files. Troubleshooting has been going on up until today tracing everything and measuring everything.

    4 - Voltages have been checked from battery to all points associated with providing ignition power and battery power. Again, system was working prior to the ECU hiccup when battery voltage was reapplied.

    5 - Current handheld config data and ECU config data is as follows:

    Device Type: 10 Rev D
    Device FW Version: 1.1.33
    CAN ID:72

    ECU Serial Number:00000001
    Date Code: 20160317
    ECU Firmware Version. 1.1.17
    Profile Number: 1

    Current Global File: 4150 7 Mar 2020 (was my backed up config)
    Ignition Input Type: HyperSpark
    WBO2 Sensor Type: 4.9
    TBI Type: 4-inj 4150
    ECU Firmware Version: 1010170

    6 - Power was removed from ECU for 45 minutes and then reapplied today based on information I found to possibly get the ECU to reset itself. Several attempts were made to start the truck with no success. Handheld display shows the following when ignition is turned on:

    HOLLEY Inc. (F405-BL v1.4.1 h1.3.0)
    Detected TSLCD35ST-REVD

    >CHECK SD for FW-update...
    >no fwu-files found


    DEV: TSLCD35-ST FW:1.1.330 DT:10

    7 - Screen goes blank, then gauge display is shown on the handheld, fuel pump turns on pressurizing to 60 psi for 3-4 seconds then shuts off and then the injectors squirt a burst of fuel into the bowls. Fuel pump relay clicks off and fuel pressure drops to 50 psi. Handheld Display stays on while cranking and RPM is indicated on the display as the engine turns over. With a static display prior to starting is:
    TPS Reads 0%, MAP, kPa reads 81, battery voltage is 11.8, ignition timing is set to 15°, IAC Position % 72 and duty cycle% 8.8.

    8 - While the engine is turning over, there will be a flicker of the display and you have to freeze frame video to catch the following information:
    CTS, °F - IAC Position % - AFR, A/F - Battery, Volts - RPM - Center RPM digital gauge will all turn RED saying NO DATA!

    So, as it were, based upon the information provided that I might be able to get some assistance with my Sniper product. I also forgot to mention, I can attached my laptop to the ECU and connect to it with no issues. I'm able to see all things within the software and the ECU config as well as doing a live connect to the ECU.

    Again, thank you for help with my issue. Dwain

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    First off, are you getting spark? When the engine is off, you see 81 kPa? Are you at a really high altitude?
    Based on #8, I think you wired the Sniper pink and the HyperSpark red (these are both "turn on" signal wires) to a switched source that is not hot while in CRANK, but only in RUN. You might find this recent post of mine helpful: The Chevelle I was working on had the exact same components. Andrew
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    I'll have to verify spark to plugs while cranking. Yes, I'm really at altitude. 6756' Palmer Divide south east of Denver outside of Elizabeth, CO. Yes, the pink and red wires are wired to the pink wire feed which was going to original HEI distributor connection. Yes, the truck was running and driving prior to troubleshooting the EMI/RFI issue. Even with the new Holley ignition products. So the constant +12V via the pink wire was present prior to. But I can easily check to ensure that this is still the case. Updates to follow. Thank you.

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    The HyperSpark has an LED on it. I'd have someone looking at it while you're cranking. Make sure it doesn't go off.

    Also check all the fuses. I believe your issue is electrical and not tune related. Andrew
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    Quote Originally Posted by ybnaford View Post
    Handheld Display stays on while cranking and RPM is indicated on the display as the engine turns over.
    RPM - Center RPM digital gauge will all turn RED saying NO DATA!
    These two statements seem to contradict each other. If you're seeing an RPM signal while cranking, then I'd thoroughly check your wiring.
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    I videoed all of the functions that I have been troubleshooting. As you are cranking the truck, RPM comes up on the display and then there is an intermittent flash of RED everywhere stating NO DATA. Screen returns with config and RPM and then will blip to all RED with NO DATA or ERROR. This does this while cranking. So, for further troubleshooting that was done today I am adding this to the mix see below:

    -Are you getting a RPM signal when you crank the engine?
    Yes. RPM are registered on the handheld. ( See notes above for further items noticed. )
    Also, LED on the Holley ignition module when key is turned on is orange, and as you crank the engine over and RPM are registered on the handheld the LED turns green. (I bought the new HyperSpark Distributor, COIL and Ignition box back at the end of February and installed it)

    Again, after installation of new Holley HyperSpark and associated parts, Truck cranked and started up and was running. I even laid down 2 very nice black marks while driving the truck for testing. Truck was cutting off while driving. Further review found I was getting EMI/RFI causing ECU to reset and shutoff the truck. Wiring was rerouted to isolate any EMI/RFI from lil white wire. Battery was disconnected for power cable and wiring isolation. When battery voltage was reapplied upon completion, ECU energized/fired and squirted fuel into the bowls. Since that point the truck has not run. It will crank, fuel pump energizes, Sniper squirts fuel but that is it.

    -If you put a timing light on one of the spark plug wires do you get a flash?
    Yes. When to the engine is turning over I do get an Intermittent flash on the Timing light from #1 Cylinder wire.

    -How do your spark plugs look?
    New plugs installed. NGK2177 UR5.

    -Does the rotor inside the distributor turn while the engine is cranked?
    Yes. Rotor is turning as engine is turning over.

    -Is the 12 volt pink wire at a constant voltage as key is turned on and while cranking?
    Yes. 12.36 volts static and down to about 10.25ish to 10.5-.8 volts while cranking. This was verified at the ignition box, red wire, distributor feed pink wire and pink wire going to ECU.

    -Was Firmware recently upgraded?
    Yes. Per recommendation from Holley Tech support back at the beginning of March. Thank you.

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    This all sounds like wiring issues to me. Did you carefully read the thread that I posted regarding wiring considerations when installing the Sniper? The Chevelle I was working on had similar erratic issues that all went away after the rewire. The fact that the screen goes red and says no data while cranking says to me that the ECU shuts down. Andrew
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    Just out of curiosity, do you have electric fans that are not on a relay? I've seen some funky situations where fans kick on, key turned to START and fans momentarily kick off and backfeed the system causing voltage irregularities. I'm with Andrew on this. Have you verified the HyperSpark wiring and are 100% you do not have the coil or tach wired incorrectly?

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    Andrew: Yes, I did read your article about wiring. Very informative. This truck was completely rewired with all new American Autowire wiring when I built the truck from the ground up. Yes, I concur, that it seems the ECU is resetting. But again, it was running and driving prior to moving only a few wires around, i.e. coil wire and plug wires from around the wire loom coming from the ignition module to the ECU.
    Thecowwatcher: There are no electric fans hooked to the ECU. Yes, I'm 100% positive the wiring was correct since the truck was running prior the wire move. I'm still checking other items as I have time. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewb70 View Post
    You might find this recent post of mine helpful: The Chevelle I was working on had the exact same components. Andrew
    A new American Autowire harness does not address the needs of an EFI system. New under dash and lighting systems wiring is great, but that does not address the vastly more complex engine bay wiring that needs to be done with a Sniper or other EFI installation. If your Sniper, HyperSpark & distributor wiring is not similar to what I wrote in my post, then at the very least it's not optimal and at worst it's a fire hazard.

    Please don't take me wrong, I'm honestly not trying to be a jerk. Just because the truck ran and drove before, doesn't mean there aren't system issues. Also, just because the fans are not hooked up to the ECU, doesn't mean they aren't a problem. If you read every word of my writeup, I mentioned there how the Chevelle had the fans wired. They too were not connected to the Sniper, but they were definitely causing issues.

    You have a lot of good suggestions in this post. Good luck and keep us updated. Andrew
    IG @projectgattago

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