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Thread: 10 psi fuel pressure on handheld, but 45 psi on mechanical guage.

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    Default 10 psi fuel pressure on handheld, but 45 psi on mechanical guage.

    So I have a brand new set up, has been running for about an hour or so. I installed the master kit with the return line as per the instructions. The pump is less than two feet but is not lower than the tank as this is not really an option. It has good electrical connections. I have a mechanical gauge on the regulator. With the fuel line disconnected from the atomic unit, I have primed the pump and it pushes 300ml of fuel on a prime so it has good flow. The problem is that the unit pushes too much fuel in when running, lots of smoke and on idle it should just mist fuel but it doesn’t. It’s a very rough idle. I believe that has something to do with the handheld only reading 10 psi pressure. I have disconnected the pump, the line from the Atomic unit and also the pressure sensor in the unit so as to have the fuel line with no pressure. When I turn the car to on the handheld still reads 10 psi. I bought another sensor and it still read 10 psi. I updated the firmware, still 10 psi. I disconnected the battery for 24 hours and still 10 psi. The only error I get is “FP Cav”, but I highly doubt that is the case as it pushes a lot of fuel in, and the mechanical gauge confirms 45 psi. All settings are still on default, but I have tried I few things, but it doesn’t change anything. My engine is a Ford Windsor 302 with an Edelbrock E-Street package so it’s not a high horsepower or high demanding setup. The fuel tank is brand new, the fuel lines are brand new, the filters are brand new and clean. The fuel is 95 octane. As I live in Australia, I haven’t seen any of these running nor know anyone that has one personally. I’d like to swap over the controller module to see if that is the problem because that’s where I think that’s where the problem may be. If anyone has any thoughts I like to hear them. So far this exercise has been a disappointment and I couldn’t recommend it, especially for the money I paid for it down here. Thanks.

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    Could you have an exhaust/header leak that's causing the WBO2 sensor to read high, which then the Atomic tries to increase fuel injector pulse width (over fuels)? Double check the fuel supply and return lines, make sure they're not swapped or connected to the wrong ports on the regulator.

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