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Thread: Holley Dash Question

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    I haven't thought too much about the wiring yet, but yes your suggestion above sounds good. I have an HP unit, so was figuring on direct to the dash IOs. Still in the decision stage on buying, and now with the Chinese Flu, I'll probably wait on it a while.

    Installing the Pro Dash, mounting done. I have a software/firmware question. Regarding Pro Dash IOs, reading that to use a dash input to take part in activating something in the EFI ECU, you must update the ECU to V5. If I'm only interested datalogging the dash inputs for information, can I stay V4?

    UPDATE: Dash wired up. No problem getting it to display what I needed it to. Much easier to figure things out when you have the dash and can just work though it vs only reading the manual.
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    Your dash looks really great. I just got the Pro Dash 6.8" as I'm going to mount it in the spot where my radio is currently in my Camaro (using a hidden radio in place of the stock one). One reason I didn't consider right away going to use it as the main dash is it didn't seem like you can set the odometer to the vehicles current mileage. Have you been able to figure that out? Holley is making some really great products, I love my Holley HP running my Ram Jet 350 and I think the dash interface will be fun.

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    I don't think the odometer is programmable. Or at least, I can't figure out how to program it and there isn't any mention in the instructions I looked at. Mine came preset at 0 and just started working automatically with any configuration. But on the Pro Dash the odometer only shows up on one of the screens and it doesn't appear like you can move it or copy it or do anything with it. I'm guessing it's hard coded in.

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    You can add an odometer to any screen/gauge. Just create a digital version and drag it into your speedo. I added one to the dash layout in the video above.
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    Were you able to pre-set it to your prior mechanical gauge? I.E. Have it start at 85,000 vs 0 miles for example?

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    No, I made the minimum range for the odometer, 80,000, but no change to the display.
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    OK thanks. It seems like they should at least allow you to set it to a start number say within the first 1000 miles. That way you can get everything working well, but then still have to make a decision and set it one time, if they're worried about allowing you to change it all the time. Maybe I'll try and send a message to Holley tech. It's obvious that it's an aftermarket display so not sure why they would worry about it anyways.

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    Upgraded to V5, and wired in a few sensors to the dash. I have them and GPS Speed inputs setup and data displaying in the Data Monitor when Online with the laptop. Can't get them to datalog though. They don't show up as available signals for datalogging. Any ideas, anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bWright View Post
    Can't get them to datalog though. They don't show up as available signals for datalogging. Any ideas, anyone?
    (If this information is helpful, you're welcome. If not, please just ignore it.)
    You need to record a new datalog after their installation, in order for them to show up in the datalogger list (scroll to the right for custom I/O).

    Originally Posted by Danny Cabral
    The Holley EFI ECU records everything, but the datalogger (EFI software) displays only the channels you've selected.
    Click the "E" (top Toolbar) to edit what the datalogger displays. In the Data Monitor/Datalogger, clicking on the letter
    "E" allows you to Edit (add/delete) data channels for each View List. Drag & drop data channels to & from the View Lists.
    The data channel list (left side of Graph Setup) is very long, so you need to scroll it to the right to see every channel.

    Configure the Data Monitor, Data Logger, Gauge Panel, etc.
    Enter the Data Monitor/Datalogger Edit screen ("E" button at top left corner),
    and "drag & drop" the custom channels over to the Data Screen/Log View lists.
    You need to scroll to the right to select the custom created channels.

    FYI: If you're looking at a datalog older than when the sensor was added, it will be gray/unavailable. Record a new datalog (even a few
    seconds of key-on/engine-off), and everything "current" will be available to scroll into the datalogger View Lists. You'll see what I mean.
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    That's very helpful, thanks. I did do a datalog yesterday, but it was strange, it didn't seem to have any info in it. I'll try again and post up.
    UPDATE: That worked, again thanks.

    Have another question. I first setup the sensors in the dash, and they all read correctly. They were all setup as "Custom 5V" inputs. Now that they're setup in the HP, the settings in the dash, scaling, has gone back to default. Not really a concern because datalogging them with the HP was my goal.

    Problem is, now two of the them don't read correctly. Using a Mallory brand generic GM style 2 bar MAP for PVAC, setup as a Holley 2 bar. Not sure if that's right or not tried some others with no luck. Water Press is a Holley 100 psi sensor that now also doesn't read correctly. Do you know if the Holley press sensors are a problem to use with water?

    UPDATE: Setup the dash inputs in the HP as RAW, and now I'm able to scale the sensors in the dash as Custom 5V and the dash will save now. Data in the HP when online appears to be correct. Test driving.
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