Hey guys. I'm working on a boosting a Chery 3 cylinder engine that I want to convert to coil over plug, and try to keep a wider plug gap. Right now from the factory, it has 3 coils, one for each cylinder.
each coil is a 2-wire coil, positive, and negative going straight to the ECU. Here are the only specs I can find about the current coil:
P 0.73 ~ 0.89 Ohm
s 9.3k ~ 11.7k Ohm
I 6.48 ~ 7.92 MH
7 amp max
Max V 30,000

I found a 2-wire coil over plug that is:
P .76
S ?
I 2.80 Mh
Max V 35,000
From everything I've read, I should just be able to wire this coil right up without any other modification
since the primary is in range? Does this sound correct? Will there be any benefit with only 5K higher voltage?