I'd like to be able to add knock sensors to the Sniper EFI (ALL carb replacement styles as well) so it could control (retard) timing if needed. I think that is a great fail-safe for DIY people and anyone with a install it and forget it approach. I think it could also be useful in Nitrous and Boost applications. I'd also like to see a progressive scale that was setup to turn Nitrous on 100% faster than 6 seconds if you try to use it progressively. Lastly, I would like to see Transmission controls for the newer 6, 8 & 10 speed transmissions (even if its a stand-alone) that could plug in to the EFI for data. I think a lot of people are interested in doing these swaps and I personally brought home a 6L90E transmission tonight that will be going in one of my cars after it gets a complete upgrade (billet gears, new "good" pistons, and a real convertor, etc). I hate driving my 572ci Chevy down the freeway at 3000+ RPM at 70 MPH, or 2200 RPM at a whopping 55 MPH. I'll have to buy a PATC controller as Holley/MSD doesn't offer one I know of. As an FYI, I use Digital 7 boxes in my cars so I wouldn't personally gain from the Knock sensor idea unless they add it to the Digital 7. Just some suggestions I thought someone might be interested in.