Good afternoon everyone. Well, finally got my Dominator equipped car running, and I'm so happy with it. (Thank you Danny!) It runs very good, and even with a big cam it'll idle right down to 800 RPM. Anyway, while it runs great, after about 10 minutes of running, the fuel pump is as loud as the car. It starts out quiet. It's a Weldon 1100A Pump (approximately 130-140 GPH (which computes to 492 LPH), and my engine makes about 840 HP. I have a 100 micron Filter before the pump and a 10 micron after (they are clean). I'm running a Hilborn Stack Injector, and Hilborn equipped the fuel rails with -8 ORB to AN fittings, so I plumbed the car with .0410 ID (-8) stainless fuel line. I have a Weldon Fuel Pump controller that isn't working, but have another on order. This is to be able to have full flow or dial it back. I have a stainless fuel tank, and the fuel pressure never falters from 43 psi. I isolated the return line (when the pump was noisy), and put the return direct out of the regulator to a 5 gallon bucket (and filled it). The pump stays noisy. It appears to me that the problem is on the pressure side (?), causing the pump to cavitate. I just replaced the suction hose from the tank to pump (two 45° fittings in that line), or, is it possible that my pump is simply too big and "stacking up"? This all happens at idle. Could I have a bad pump? If it were "sucking air" it'd be before the Pump correct? And leaking after, I have no leaks, and, again I just replaced that suction hose. I'm at a loss as what to do. My Tank is equipped with the option to run an in-tank pump, and the tank manufacturer can make me an A340 or A450 Aeromotive pump to fit. Or, I can replumb the whole Car in -10 (or both)? I'm really looking for some help and experience here, as I don't know what to do next. Thanks for your help.