Terminator X EFI Software Help Information/Instructions:
‒ On the top Toolbar, click "Help" & "Contents". This opens all Help topics.
‒ When navigating the Terminator X EFI software, click "Help ?" or the F1 key.
...This automatically opens the definitions for that specific parameter.
TerminatorX.pdf (Terminator X Tuning & Datalog View Software User Manual)
https://documents.holley.com/techlibrary_199r11761.pdf (Terminator X Reference Manual & Tuning Guide)
https://documents.holley.com/techlibrary_199r11760.pdf (Terminator X Quick Start Guide)
https://documents.holley.com/199r11957.pdf (Terminator X '79-'93 Ford Mustang Main Harness Instructions)
https://documents.holley.com/techlib...rdatachart.pdf (Terminator X Injector Off Time Data)
https://documents.holley.com/techlibrary_200r962a-2.zip (Terminator X SD Card Contents)
https://www.holley.com/support/resou...Fuel_Injection (Holley EFI Technical Library - EFI Software & Updates)
https://www.holley.com/brands/holley.../terminator_x/ (Holley Terminator X & Terminator X Max EFI Systems)