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Thread: Dry Nitrous Fuel Enrichment Tuning

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    Default Dry Nitrous Fuel Enrichment Tuning

    I have a question about dialing in the fuel enrichment for a dry non-progressive 125 shot of nitrous. My fuel table is well tuned as we did two engine pulls, and through the whole pull compensation was less than 5%. I started with 40 lb/hr as a baseline. I did several nitrous pulls and looking at the datalogs my Closed Loop Comp in spots is 30%. Do I just go through the datalog and add 30% to the fuel enrichment in these areas?

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    What does your Learn Table look like? Is the added 30% adequate to maintain your Target AFR?

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    OK, so I was mistaken. The datalog I was looking at we had changed the target AFR from 11.7 to 11.3 and that's when the compensation was at 28% in some areas. In the nitrous pull datalog, there's some areas that are at 20% compensation. I have attached the Config File and some datalogs. I transferred and smoothed the fuel table just before the 40 minute drive to the dyno. The initial nitrous datalog was the first time spraying the car and the other nitrous datalog was about 7 nitrous pulls later. The dyno wideband was reading a point richer than the Sniper and had some leaner spots and we were trying to adjust the enrichment. I'm torn on which wideband to go off because this particular dyno has tuned a large quantity of high power cars and is a very trusted wideband, however, it's consistently a point or so richer than what the Sniper is indicating. So please review the datalogs and Config File and see what you think. Also, on nitrous the graph had some waves that we weren't able to figure out. I've attached a photo of the dyno graph.
    Config File 01-15-2020 Initial Nitrous Tune -4 degrees +40
    Datalog NA Dyno
    Datalog Initial Nitrous
    Datalog Nitrous Dyno
    Dyno graph (Not sure why it's upside down, sorry.)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    So after looking through the datalogs I can see a lot of Data Points missing. I would try to solve this first before moving forward with the nitrous tuning. Double check all your wire routes and grounds.

    As for the Nitrous tuning, I can only give some basic guidance. Once your Base Fuel Table is set N/A then you'll only adjust your "Added Fuel Enrichment" table under the Nitrous ICF icon.

    You can follow this table with your datalog and while the nitrous is ENABLED you can watch along as the RPM increases and watch your AFR. When it spikes you can see when you need to add fuel.

    Verify your nitrous activation because I see it activated when TPS is at 0% after the dyno pull.

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    Can somebody post a datalog of a WOT pull with a well tuned Sniper that's functioning properly so I can have a comparison. I'm confused because none of my datalogs show any interference as far as I can tell and overall the car runs great. I have grounds from battery to chassis, battery to block, block to chassis, cylinder head to firewall, and cylinder head to the Sniper unit. I still have missing data points in the datalog though. I'm not sure what else to try. Is it an issue with the handheld or the Sniper? Thanks, Brian

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    If it's running well and your data points are still scattered and you've sorted everything, then there very well could be interference with the handheld.

    Danny has much more experience and could weigh in on the handheld interference while datalogging.

    I attached a datalog another member just posted. Their Sniper is still Learning but you can "Mark Data Points" and see the difference compared to yours.
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    I switched my pink wire to a relay with power straight from the battery and nothing changed. I'm still getting about ten data points per second.

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    Just an update for anyone else having similar issues that search. I did a firmware update and the few datalogs that I did in the driveway appear to have the full 60 data points per second. I will update again after I drive the car.

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    Fantastic! Curious to see how it goes.

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    Nope, I drove the car today and although there are slightly more datapoints it's still missing a ton. I guess I’m going back to the drawing board with wiring on this thing. Is it possible that the unit is just faulty and I'll just keep chasing my tail?

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