Hello Forum Members. I have a Holley 112-588 4150 style throttle body on an LS3 mounted on a Holley manifold with Holley injectors. I'm controlling everything through a factory GM ECU using a 24 crank gear and 1x cam gear (early style). The car starts and runs great (tuned by Mark Romans here in Nor Cal), but after it's warmed up and I park for a while then restart, it will often (not every time) want to idle at 12-1500 RPM, sometimes for only 2-5 seconds, and other times up to 15 seconds, then drop back to normal idle. Wondering if anyone has a suggestion as to what could be intermittently happening? Would this most likely be a TPS, or some other throttle body mounted sensor? I do not have any fault codes showing. Appreciate any help/suggestions. Thank you!