Currently using an MSD Grid system and I'm thinking of adding an MSD 7764 Power Module to control nitrous.

Output wire activation source 1. Setup to activate using launch. Means input wire does not get used as the Grid controller already has a launch wire hooked to it and the Grid controller will tell the Power Module what’s going on correct? Let’s say it controls 2 NOS solenoids. Hook the 12 AWG wire to the solenoid and other side of solenoid to ground?
Now for 2nd output controlling fuel solenoids let’s say, same thing wire activation set to launch and disable the rest of the activation wire sources?

This may be confusing, but basically a Fogger system activated off of launch wire. Needing to verify that the output wires just get hooked to solenoids and other sides of solenoids to ground.

Also need to know if wire activation source 1 on both the 1 red setting screen and the 2 orange setting screen will be set to launch and and then the rest of the wire activation sources are disabled?

Time setting-select graph to build a graph based on duty cycle for the solenoids to progress. Pretty straightforward.

RPM activation and deactivation pretty straightforward.

Total retard section. Enter the numbers I want for the nitrous here and they are added to what is set in the step retard correct? So I would either enter numbers here and none in the step or enter the number in the step and none here correct? Thanks for the help.