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    I recently put in a US Shift transmission controller and Holley Terminator X in my '90 Bronco while I’ve been off from school (thanks Christmas break) and I've had some trouble with the Holley from the start. I had to replace just about every sensor shy of the WBO2 and injectors. MAP, CTS, IAC, MAT, TPS all had to be redone since the Holley plug-ins were just not right for my engine. No harm there I thought. Since each sensor has the same signal, ground, and power if needed. After installing everything, I went through the GCF Wizard and couldn’t find my injectors, OEM Ford orange top 19 lb/hr. That’s fine I could probably find everything on those I needed from Google and change the Global File to fix it. The base tune was installed and I looked at my sensors, MAT & CTS were reading -14F. In south Alabama, that just isn’t possible, LOL. Maybe I switched the pins incorrectly on these two? Could that be the case? Or are the OEM sensors completely wrong for the Holley setup? Also, the MAP sensor was reading 55-60, but it should be closer to 100 here at sea level. Is that because of the different MAP sensor scaling between the Holley and the OEM map? Should I just run a vacuum tube from the intake to the blue MAP sensor in the Holley computer? Thanks for your help, as I’m still very green on this system!

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    I've been able to find and fix the injectors through the Holley software and have also hoped to fix the sensors by changing the offset. Seems crude, but I’ll wait until someone smarter than me shows the way.

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    What sensor did you choose in the drop down in the Holley EFI software?

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    I chose the Holley 1 bar MAP sensor, which I'll change to the internal MAP sensor once I plumb the vacuum to it. I had also chosen the Holley CTS and Holley MAT.

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    More importantly, what sensors are you actually using? Andrew
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    I’m now gonna switch over to the LSx style sensors, since I couldn’t make a custom MAP of the Ford OEM CTS and MAT due to issues with the EFI software.

    UPDATE: I've made the switch and she cranks and will start, but dies quickly after that. I have the fuel pump hooked up to the Holley green wire through a relay. Mechanical ignition advance is 13.5°. Not sure what’s going wrong, but it’s also very rich smelling.

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    Where did you find the specs for the OEM Ford orange top 19 lb/hr injectors? Can't believe they are not preloaded in the EFI software, even for the Fox body kit.

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