Hey all. I've been working on this Bronco with my dad for the past two years to get it ready for my recent 16th birthday and it’s been a blast to wrench on, learn from, and occasionally cuss out! When my dad & I built this, we had to buy a new 351W crate engine to put in, old one was junked. This was before I knew anything about performance parts, so we left it stock besides some shorty truck headers. As far as drivetrain is concerned, I’ve installed one of Paul’s Punisher valve bodies to livin up a rebuilt/upgraded E4OD. I’ve also installed 4.10 gears in both differentials and have 33x12.5x15 BFG KO2s. I've installed a true 4” suspension lift that perks the ole girl up nice. We all know how underperforming the stock sound system is, so like a typical teenager I bought some bigger gear. I’ve got a 5 channel Pioneer pushing some juice to new 6.5” and 6x8 speakers and some big juice to a 10” sub that is mounted in front of the center console in a custom box that I made. Looks good and sounds good! Have also done aesthetic things such as an American flag headliner, as well as Rhinolining the entire floor pan and putting a gray vinyl covering over it. No nasty carpet here! So far the engine just has an upgraded spark and headers. That comes from the ‘sixlitre’ tuneup which bumped my MPG up significantly. Just recently upgraded the alternator to a Powermaster 130 amp 3G upgrade that helps with all the extra juice running through the ole girls veins. Also I've done a complete emissions delete and managed to run CEL free because of some helpful 75 Ohm resistors. I've been looking at a cam, heads, and intake upgrade, but now I'm looking at a complete race engine from Moruzzi Race Motors, the dude builds engines for Baja Broncos! The most recent project has been a US Shift Quick 4 transmission controller for the E4OD, and a Holley Terminator X for the engine, this is gonna net me some massive driveability and allow for the race engine in the future. As every car guy says, a project vehicle is never, ever done! License Plate: N0T0JS