I installed the Atomic TBI on my '82 Ford F250 4X4 over the last couple of weekends.

My engine has some mods; TFS 290 Street Port heads, forged pistons @ approx 9.75:1 compression, MSD Pro Billet Distributor and 6AL box, Crane hydraulic roller cam (216°/224° @ .050"), NOS Cheater, Edelbrock Performer 460, headers, etc.

I've been running a QuickFuel HR carb (others before that) and use an A/F gauge to monitor and tune. I'm not an experienced tuner and always had issues getting a good tune on the carb.

After installing the Atomic (with Fuel Return kit) and using Timing Control, I can honesty say that my truck never ran as good. The idle is perfect, starts immediately, no tip-in hesitation, great acceleration, - and that's without and adjustment to the Atomic programming for Pump Squirt and Power Valve Enrich" (those are at the default). It can only get better!

I highly recommend the Atomic. - Mike