I'm making a list of items to purchase for my build. I plan on running the Racepak SmartWire, along with a Holley Dominator, and a Holley dash. But I have a few questions. I've looked through the manuals for the Holley dash, Dominator, and SmartWire, but there is just a lack of information when using these items together (unless I missed something).

- What is required to connect the SmartWire VNET CAN to the Holley? I have found a discontinued CAN connector kit, but I'm coming up a bit short on how these interface together.
- Can I output signal via Vnet to the SmartWire from the Dominator, and use that as an input, instead of/in addition to using the Racepak switch module?
- With a CAN connection, will I be able to see data from the SmartWire through the Holley dash, or datalog information if desired? Any input on this is much appreciated, Thanks, Eric