Hi. First of all, excuse bad English (Google translation). I have a problem with a Holley C950. (It's the same one for which I asked years ago.) It was well turning on and working, the day comes that does not want to turn on. The current distributor works, the gasoline does not inject, only when it stops starting, there is gasoline pressure. Try to configure it with the PC. I give it to "Retrieving file from ECU" and well, I go to the "Hrdw Settings"/"Engine Parameters" part and it appears in 4 cyl: DibujoVVVhhh.bmp

I'm supposed to set it to be 8 cylinder (it's a Chevrolet 350). I give "Send ECU Data" for a while thinking and ready, but if I check again it will be in 4 cylinder again. I'll load the files that the installation CD brings and neither, should something specific be done to save it? Or would the ECU be damaged? Using Win XP. Thank you.