OK, so watching the datalog, it goes up about too 180 RPM the dies off and loses signal. Can the tooth number and firing order be a possible issue? I read on the 4 cylinder engines with a 36-1 crank trigger wheel should be set at tooth number 6. I'm set to tooth number 9 on the trigger wheel. I have the Inductive Delay set to 80.0 as this was on a running 2.3 turbo engine. He uses a 60-2 and was set on tooth 10, and timing was 10°. Being this is a Custom Ignition setting with the cam sync, I need to jumble the firing order for it to see #1 in the correct place? I know you're probably getting tired of my questions, and I do thank you for helping my lack of knowledge. Reading compression is hard unless I have it in dummy terms sometimes.