Hello. I've been messing with cars for over forty years, but this is my first venture into EFI on a hot rod. The car is a '67 Mustang restomod with a 427 side-oiler (not stock) that I have run 2x4 on since I bought it back in 1978. Been apart and back together many times, but currently is 11:1 with a hydraulic roller, roller rockers, gear drive, mild port on the iron heads, with home built 2" primary 3.5"collector headers and 3" pipes out the back. There may also be a little N2O as well. The entire car front to back and the engine is a home build.

Self learn on the 2x4 Sniper went well, a little rich when it was mostly done Learning, but ran good. Not being able to leave well enough alone, I'm now controlling the timing with the EFI and I'm playing with the tune. Got a mean lean spike at throttle tip-in. If I can't figure it out reading the Help files & manual I'll be looking to you all for help. Thanks in advance.