Just installed a new Terminator X on my LS. I have some experience with the Holley ECUs having installed a few HP EFI systems. But never had an issue like this.
Kit is LS1/6 24x.
Engine is 24x crank 4x Cam. New build Callies crank, reluctor assembly looks good.
After performing Wizard with handheld, I used the laptop to modify the cam sensor to 4x.
(I have the harness adapter to swap the pins for the new front cover.)
I also changed the MAP to a Holley 2 bar (repinned the connector), and changed injectors to Siemens 80 lbs.
(Copied over the information from the last HP I did that worked well.)
Saved the global file, downloaded, performed TPS Autoset and toggled the key.
Before cranking All the diagnostic lights read OK (crank light was blue).
I cranked over the engine and no spark or fuel injector turn on (fuel pump runs fine).
Crank Light goes RED.
Checked logging - flat line on crank sensor.
Made sure global file name was same as I uploaded.

Pulled the crank sensor plug, checked for tight connection - OK.
Replace New GM sensor with new Delco sensor (both black and correct p/n). Same result.
Check Voltages on connector to crank sensor.
(RED) 12V line measured at 13.2V.
(BLACK) Low (ground) measured 0V.
(PURPLE) High measured at battery voltage 13.2.
Powered down.
Reconnected sensor.
Reloaded Global File to the ECU and performed TPS Autoset again, toggled key. Same result.
I'm at a loss as to what to do next. I have to assume the ECU is defective?

UPDATE: Happy to report I found the problem and it was quickly resolved. I rechecked the harness at the ECU and like the first time the wires looked fine, however, when I pulled on the signal wire it moved significantly, when I pulled the connector in and looked closely I could see it was not seated correctly. I was able get it locked in and the car started on the first revolution (and died like it always does on the first start with a new Holley), but now it seems fine!