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Thread: Totally new to EFI.

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    Default Totally new to EFI.

    Hi, new to the forum and new to EFI. I just converted my '67 Camaro drag car to Sniper EFI 4500. It's a N/A 468 BBC Dart heads, Dart intake. TH400 with transbrake, Dana 60 with 4:56 gears, MSD 7AL3 & MSD distributor. As for now, I'll let the MSD control rev limiters, air shiftier and transbrake. The installation went very well. Seems to idle and respond very well. My questions are:
    1) The instructions say to have 8" of pipe after the WBO2. I'm running open headers, does this make a difference?
    2) Since it's a drag car only, what's the best way for it to Learn? Or is there a basic race tune to start with?
    Thanks in advance. I'll be shaking it down this week end at the Kingman Street Drags.

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    You'll need to put a long extension on the header with the WBO2 sensor, so the Sniper can control the AFR at idle and low speed operation. You can either leave the long extension on the car when you race it, or just wait until it Learns that portion of the fuel curve and then take it out of Closed Loop at low RPM. If the basic tune is close to correct, then the Sniper will Learn in a few passes. If it was my car, I'd make a 3/4 throttle pass and look at the datalog and the Learn Table to see where I was. Once the Learn Table looks good, I'd let it rip.

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    I'm still tuning my fuel map and I've been running my install for six months or so. But I'm not racing my setup.

    I think you'd be well served to modify your exhaust to keep the extension as this would help you tune faster when condition change. Reading A/F ratios is faster then pulling plugs and tuning that way. The Learn Table is quite nice to see a good view of engine fueling as compared to the Base Fuel Table.

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    I agree, especially on a bracket car. Just put some 24 inch collector extensions on the headers and run it that way so you can be in Closed Loop all the time. So what if the car slows down a tiny bit, it will be self-tuning and more consistent. If this is a serious race car then just tell your crew chief to figure it out.

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