I purchased a Sniper 2300, PN 550-849 from Holley on 3-21-2019. On startup, I encountered the common problem of pegging the pressure gauge and nothing coming out of the return. I pulled the regulator cover and discovered the regulator was installed crooked and the cover was forced on bending the face of the regulator. I called Holley and they sent me a new regulator and the big o-ring. I installed that and the Sniper is running fine, except I’m getting a whining noise which seems to be from the regulator area, although it’s hard to pin down for sure. I’ve purchased another regulator to swap out for a trial, but with more research here, I see some folks got a cover with their replacement regulators and some did not as in my case. Were the covers re-designed and if so, would I have the new one and hence getting the regulator only? Also, I see in older posts and pictures where there’s a rubber bumper/plug in the cover that apparently holds the regulator in place. There was no such bumper in mine and I’m wondering if it’s been eliminated or was mine just left out? And if I need it, is there a part number? Thanks in advance. Steamer

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Just got off the phone with tech support, and "Yes", I'm supposed to have the rubber bumper thingy in there and they are sending me one. It'd be nice if they sent some instructions with the replacement regulators, since it seems to be a common occurrence. Installing it was easy to figure out but, with the rubber bumper thingy missing to begin with, I had no idea that it existed.

UPDATE: I got my rubber thingy and installed it. No more whining noise. I guess without the rubber thing the FPR was vibrating making the whining noise. Glad that's fixed. The rubber thing I found in pictures looked like a solid rubber plug. The one Holley sent looked like a short slice of heavy walled fuel hose. Quite shiny & looks like black silicone.