I'll look at the Base Fuel Table. How long does the Learn process take? The timing is not controlled by the Sniper. I was trying to keep this simple for now. It has a MSD magnetic distributor, MSD 6AL & MSD Boost timing controller. Timing is locked at 30° and it starts taking out 1.5° for every 1 psi of boost starting at 4 psi. Probably a bit aggressive, but I'm trying to keep everything safe. It's hard to compare any timing because it was on E85 blow-through carb at 18 psi, locked at 30° no retard. The engine, well keep in mind I didn't build it. It's a 305 Chevy with mild worked heads and a mild cam, JW TH350 turbo with a 3200 converter. It's in a 2600 LB Datsun 280. I'm building a 355, but I thought it'd be good to get used to the EFI and have fun in the meantime. The odd thing is it pulls fine, it's just the instant that you hit WOT and it spits & sputters. I don't even think the RPM matters. Anyway, I have some race fuel in it. I'm going to make a pass at 3/4 throttle and see what happens.