I have a new BBC with a Terminator that was Built and Dyno'ed with my Terminator ECU (known good tuning/setup file) 558-117 harness. I've now installed it in the car and all the prestart checks look good. When dyno'ed, it was with a Holley dual sync & CD box. I've changed this over to a blank cap on the dual sync distributor with LSx coils and correct GM sub-harness. The correct system parameters have been changed to DIS Coil On Plug and a Dwell Time of 3.5ms.

I have a no start condition and I'm wondering if the I need to resync/setup the dual sync distributor? I wouldn't think so, but wanted to check. Any other areas I need to check first to save me some troubleshooting time? I have run through the no-start checks posted here and everything looks good at this point.