Hi everyone. I have a question about what seems to me my questionable carburetor/intake manifold combination. This is in a jet boat, so not the normal setup. I have a Ford 351W marine engine set up to have power and torque at around 4200 RPM. It has an Edelbrock performer dual-plane square bore manifold and Holley marine version of the 4160 carb. It also has a one inch thick spacer that I don’t particularly care for and this sheet metal throttle cable holder that is wide-open.

So it goes manifold, gasket, one inch spacer, gasket, throttle cable holder, gasket, carburetor. So since the throttle cable holder is just a big open square hole the airflow can go wherever it wants between the carb and the spacer and the spacer has these big voids in it that don’t necessarily support the gasket either. My understanding is that the dual-plane intake manifold facilitates torque which is what you need in a jet boat, but with all this garbage in between I’m not sure it’s working properly, and I think the gaskets are just flapping around above and below the throttle cable holder. I need some suggestions on how to fix this mess. BTW, the spacer also has to have a port for the crankcase breather hose. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

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UPDATE: I ordered this throttle cable bracket to get that other one out of the equation. One less thing. Now I’m wondering if I can just buy a new base for my carb that has a port for the crankcase breather hose. Mine has a casting where one should be and I could drill it out & tap it, but if a new base isn’t too much I’d rather just get one. Thanks again. https://www.cpperformance.com/p-341-...rburetors.aspx