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Thread: Help needed configuring used Sniper unit.

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    Default Help needed configuring used Sniper unit.

    I have a good running Sniper on my car. I've had problems before that stranded me and I wanted to avoid that again in the future. So I bought another Sniper TB to keep in my trunk for long trips. If the unit on my car puked again I could plop on the other one and get home :-) > The "new to me" unit came from a good running car. I know I need to load my Config File into the ECU on the "new" unit. I thought it would be easy to hook it up, transfer Config File from my laptop to the ECU and be good to go. Well, when I tried that today, I got error messages saying the firmware needed to be updated on the "new" unit. I picked the update firmware from a drop down menu, picked the file named SNIPER_01010160.eep and hit enter. It looked like it was doing it when I got an Error message about a communication error. I hit retry and got another error [29] saying to cycle the power and try again. When I did I get the same error. Here are screenshots from the laptop of the errors. What do I do next? How do I update the firmware on the "new" Sniper? Thanks, Danford1

    UPDATE: I downloaded the firmware from Holley to the SD card using my computer as per this link: I installed SD card into handheld. Updated the handheld firmware, but now handheld shows "Searching For ECU", but never finds it. When I go to monitors to see my engine vitals it says No Data in all the cells. I can't update the ECU because it can't find it. :-(
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    Sounds like your used unit locked up when you tried to upgrade the FW. You might be able to recover it after letting it sit unpowered for a couple of hours. If that doesn't work you might need to send it in to Holley for a reflash. Upgrading the firmware in one of these Holley units is always a bit of a gamble. I've had multiple devices lock up on me. I think my overall average is about 1 in 10 lock up during an upgrade.

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    Yep, it locked up. I talked to a very nice and polite Holley tech. He said send it in and then will fix it free as it happened on a firmware update and nothing I did wrong. I have it boxed up and will send it tomorrow.

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    I shipped it to Holley last Friday and got it back today (Friday). I installed in on my car, downloaded my Config File and got it running. :-) Thank you Holley for fixing it. Danford1

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    Do you think it came with corrupted firmware or was it just your bad luck? Let us know how your Config File works in a different unit. In a perfect world it should work the same. I'd put a few miles on it to be sure.

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    I'm sure it was just my bad luck. :-) Before I tried to start the car after installing the used unit, I downloaded the Config File that was on it to my laptop. It downloaded fine and I was able to view it. But when I tried to upload my Config File is when the errors appeared. I drove the car a lot today and all seems just fine. It runs the same and perhaps just my perception, but it feels stronger. I haven't hooked up my fuel pressure tester yet. It runs well so I think I'll just leave things alone and drive it. I can use my original TB for the spare. So far I'm happy with the used unit. Danford1

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