Hey there everyone. Just getting started on the Holley EFI forum. Actually first time on any real forum to be honest. Still learning the ropes.
So I picked up the Holley Terminator Stealth with transmission controller in Gold of course. Dropped it into my 1972 Chevy Suburban C20 with a brand new powertrain. Small block 383, forged bottom end, Comp Cam .550 lift with 224° duration, aluminum Edelbrock Heads 2.02"/1.60", factory Winters aluminum dual-plane intake manifold, 2.5" ram horn exhaust manifolds to a single 3" turbo muffler, and a stage two 4L80E transmission with1800 stall from Bowtie Overdrives. And a GM electronic controlled distributor from MSD.

Overall it runs really good, the response is awesome. Just been working out some of the fine tuning. The one I have been having a problem with is every time I go from park to any gear the idle drops hard and half the time will die. If I just touch the throttle a bit when I shift into gear, it will save it. So been doing that as a habit lately, but I would like to resolve that issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have the idle set at 750 RPM and AFR at 14:1, Idle timing at 26° IAC sits at 7%, and starts right up every time without fail. Idle is really smooth at this setting been working with those adjustments with no success.