Let me start off by saying I bought the Terminator system used and the handheld does not work, so all tuning is done by Laptop. I'm using a the HyperSpark system to control timing. I bought the adapter harness from EFISystemPro.com and I'm using this for the Ignition Ignition Type: Custom
Crank Sensor Type: 1 Pulse/Fire
Crank Sensor Sensor Type: Digital Rising
Crank Sensor Inductive Delay: 100.0 usec
Crank Sensor Ignition Reference Angle: 57.5°
Cam Sensor: Not Used
Output Setup Type: Points Output
Output Setup Dwell Time: 2.0 msec
If I open the throttle blades all the way, the car will start, and rev to 2500 RPM. If the blades are closed, no start at all. The cranking IAC Parked Position is set at 55%.