I've been spending a few hours trying to remove as much of the oddness as possible from my Holley 553-111 Pro Dash, since I'm starting to DD my car. Incorrect RPM gauge readings, black screen startup, not reacting to non-ECU inputs, flashing back light, etc. I'm stuck on trying to get my soft switch for datalog activation for my HP ECU to default as off upon startup. Currently it defaults as on and every time I start the car I get another datalog added to my ECU. I figured this would have been an easy update, but can not seem to figure it out. In stand-alone mode it seems to default as off, but not in ECU mode. The pin-out for the datalog switch on the Pro-Dash is SSR1 (pin 3) and it connects to my HP to A13 as ground switched. Any suggestions or things to try?