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    I'm having an issue with the transbrake 12V fuse blowing when engaging the transbrake. The issue started a couple of days ago. It'd work OK for a couple of drives and then blow the fuse, but now it just blows the fuse instantly if you press the transbrake button.

    I've recently had the valvebody and transbrake changed and now the transbrake has to be engaged to select reverse. Before this, I had never had an issue for 12 months of driving & racing. The previous setup did not require the transbrake to be engaged for reverse.

    The transbrake is engaged through a Holley solid state relay (SSR) triggered by a ground signal on the ECU.

    I've tested a some things and found the following:
    -The wire from the SSR to the transbrake has constant 10.8 volts. When transbrake button is disconnected from transbrake and connected to a multimeter, I get 12.2 volts same as what shows on dash.
    -With the fuse removed from the fuse block the light indicating a blown fuse is illuminated faintly which indicates current draw on this circuit. This is without the transbrake solenoid being connected or button be pushed or connected. If I disconnect the ECU signal wire to the SSR, it still shows 10.8 volts at the wire going to the transbrake solenoid from the SSR.
    -Transbrake solenoid has .5 Ohms of resistance. I tested a solenoid on another gearbox, I have which showed 2.8 Ohms
    -I've tried two switches and problem does not change.
    Help would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris

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    Ensure that the SSR is wired properly. But before that, disconnect everything having to do with the transbrake. (Not sure if you’re groundging or powering the solenoid to make it work). Either way, install the wire from the fuse box to the button and push the button. No short? Now put a wire to the transbrake solenoid from the switch. Push the button, no short? You see where I’m going with this right? Start reinstalling what you have making sure the fuse doesn’t blow. You’ll find the culprit. Are the reverse lights tied into the transbrake wiring? May have to check that circuit as well.

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    Battery voltage 12.6, solenoid resistance .5 Ohms, solenoid current 25.2 amps = blown fuse.
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