Hi everyone. I have the Sniper EFI BBD and am using it in a 1990 Jeep YJ. I'm using it alongside a distributor coil (Team Rush Upgrade), and a stock 258 engine. I've been enjoying the system, but I'm having sporadic stalling and rough idle during slow downs/stops. The only red flag I can see is the TPS. While cold, and at 0%, the whole system is well behaved. As it warms up, and I use the throttle, it seems to either.
A. Get TPS stuck at 15% during idle and run perfectly. (Until B. occurs - randomly while coming to a stop it'll jump back down to 0% and do B.)
B. Have a lot of trouble staying at 0%, and randomly jump around before I hit the throttle and it settles back at 15%.

I've provided a link with two datalogs. As per forum requirements, recording 26 is a short link and I believe demonstrates the strange behavior and stalling perfectly, though 28 is a long drive where the issue rears up its head multiple times and may be more applicable. https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...Qp?usp=sharing

I'm trying to provide as much detail as possible, and do realize I have not included a Config File. That will be next, though I suspect the strange TPS behavior is the culprit. Please let me know what additional information, tests, or data I can pull to help diagnose the problem. Additionally, thank you in advance for your support. I love my Jeep (it has been a passion project of mine) and I just want it to run right. Any support in that goal makes you my hero. Much thanks, Brad (Katakto)