Working on my 418W with Terminator. After over 30K trouble-free miles on my setup, the car has started cutting out and eventually dying on the side of the road. Some days I can drive for hours before the trouble starts, and other days the trouble starts a few miles from home. I've been running a Summit Racing TFI distributor with the module mounted right on the distributor. When the running issue started, I immediately suspected a heat soaked module issue. I bought a new Motorcraft gray module for manual transmission and relocated it on a heat sink behind the grill on the hood latch bracket. This did not resolve the problem as the cutting out and eventually dying has persisted. I've always managed to get the car home by pulling over and either just sitting there for a while or by swapping the module out for a spare. Needless to say, I'm tired of driving it with this dangerous condition. I suspect maybe the pickup coil in the distributor may be a possible culprit but after reading all the material online about the problems with TFI I'd like to move on from it. Can I run the Holley EFI 565-201 Dual Sync Distributor without a CDI box? Any helpful suggestions are welcome, thanks!