Trying to figure out which Sniper to buy. Right now the car is N/A making about 350 HP and also has a 150 HP plate kit, which will be going on when we do the EFI upgrade. Future plans include a bigger engine making around 550 HP N/A and either a turbo or a ProCharger. My questions are can I get the "power adder 1250 kit" and use it on the small engine with the 150 HP nitrous kit, or do I need the 650 kit? If I get the 650 kit can it be upgraded to the 1250 at a later date? What makes the power adder kits different from the standard kits? When they label it 1250, are they talking about the engine power with the power adder added together, or do they mean 1250 N/A plus what ever the power adder is? Sorry for all the questions. I just don't want to buy something just to sell it a couple years later.