The car car has a 5.4L Mercedes V8 with twin-spark "dumb" coil packs - one pack per cylinder, each pack has two internal coils, one for each of the two spark plugs per cylinder. I have a pair of the Holley coil modules (554-123). The System ICF has the Ignition Type set to Custom, with appropriate values for the Cam and Crank sensors.

Yesterday was the first fire-up of this engine on the Holley. After a bunch of troubleshooting for a no-spark condition, we got it to fire and idle by setting the Ignition Output to "DIS Coil on Plug" (it had been set to "DIS Coil on Plug (Active Low)". After making that change, it fired right up and idled in open loop for a good 10 minutes, with no signs of spark problems. It started right up two more times after that.

Everything up to this point was done on V5 build 30, so I decided to update the software and firmware to the latest (V5 build 110). Now that I have updated the firmware, I am back to the same problem we had yesterday: no spark. I have not changed any physical wiring on the car, just the software and firmware.

All sensors and DBW are working correctly. I get a clean RPM signal while cranking, and the TPS Autoset was successful. The coils are getting proper voltage, they just aren't firing.

At this point I'm stumped, because I know it should run, I have video proof that it ran yesterday! I already tried unplugging the ECU for 30 minutes and updated the firmware AGAIN, but still no spark. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!